Offering a full spectrum and tailor-made solutions to the maritime industry.

OneCare Solutions is a leading Health and Wellbeing Platform, established in 2022 to offer a collection of services to the maritime industry, ranging from health and wellbeing services, trainings, recruitment, and medical supplies.

We are an enduring global entity that strives to improve seafarers’ health and wellbeing through a strong network of specialists, who are committed to this aspiration. We have a strong commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare to our seafarers, underpinned by a disease prevention approach. Our in-depth medical expertise and our health and wellbeing platform can enhance medical access and minimize health risks, leading to proactive interventions and a decline in over disease burden, unnecessary shoreside referrals, and spending. Through our global network of medical providers, we can support medical emergencies, medical referrals, case management, and medical supplies on a worldwide scale.

Our mental health training can assist organizations in reducing the risk of incidents related to human error and improving safety and team dynamics, enhancing productivity, and reducing absenteeism.

Our medics are recruited through a rigorous selection process, which includes meticulous curriculum vitae screening, credentials checks, and clinical interviews with all potential candidates, ensuring only the highest caliber candidates are selected.

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