Digital Health Platform

A health platform managing every aspect of medical operations.

Through our unique digital ecosystem seafarers are enabled to connect with health and wellbeing experts. Our digital health platform provides for healthcare interoperability, which in return enhances health and wellbeing outcomes.

Through OneCare Health and Wellbeing Platform, we:

manage every aspect of medical operations.

  • Provide PEME management and development of on-board medical protocols. 
  • Provide a reliable team of experienced physicians. 
  • Manage medical emergencies and conditions 24/7. 
  • Provide extensive network in the health industry worldwide, including hospitals, medical devices, pharmacies, medical technology, and telemedicine. 
  • Provide 24/7 mental health support. 
  • Manage global regulatory health issues. 
  • Provide expert advice for managing infectious diseases of public health concern, e.g., current Coronavirus, Dengue fever, Tbc, AGE. 
  • Offer healthy lifestyle training and personal consultations. 
  • Provide an inventory and compliance medical chest management program. 
  • Provide an inventory and compliance medical oxygen management program. 
  • Manage drug and alcohol testing requirements and needs.
  • Provide access to our Micro-Apps
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