Public Health & Hygiene Support

Advice and guidelines on outbreak prevention and response.

Our public health specialists provide advice and guidelines on outbreak prevention and response plans pertaining to, but not limited to epidemics, gastroenteritis, influenza-like-illness, norovirus, and COVID-19.

Disease and Outbreak Prevention and Response Planning and Consultancy: 

• Provides an easy-to-read manual for preventing and responding to common outbreaks on board, including gastroenteritis, influenza-like illness, and vaccine-preventable diseases. 

• Updated in accordance with the latest regulations and practices. 

• Advice for trading areas (e.g., epidemics and outbreaks). 

• Designated public health line via scheduled appointment.

Health Promotion and Occupational Wellbeing Services: 

• Provides all vessels with access to a Public Health Specialist trained in health promotion and disease prevention. 

• Promotional materials for healthy lifestyles, smoking cessation, and fitness topics. 

• Vessels may schedule crew consultations with the Health Promotion Specialist to learn more about how their crew may remain healthy at sea. 

Public Health Consultancy: 

• All clients may schedule a one-on-one appointment with a Public Health Specialist to support them in identifying public health needs among the vessels within their fleet.

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