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Bloating is very common and can be caused after consuming certain foods and drinks, or by swallowing air when we eat. It can also be a result of digestion issues like constipation, food intolerance, coeliac disease, and irritable bowel syndrome.

The good news is that we can avoid or ease bloating and relevant symptoms by changing certain eating and lifestyle habits.

Eating Habits:

  Lifestyle Habits:

Physical health that depends to our diet, exercise, and sleep, are closely related and affected by our mental health wellbeing.

Each May that is observed as the Mental Health Awareness Month, is an opportunity to refocus on self-care, improve our relationships with others, adopt healthier eating and exercise habits, improve our sleep hygiene and seek for professional support if need.

Take the first step and Download our Mental Health Calendar - May 2023 to find 31 ways to a Healthier You.


If you’re visiting the Hellenic Maritime Forum and are intrigued by what OneCare Solutions can do for the mental health and well-being of your crew, do reach out to Managing Director Marinos Kokkinis at our booth!

Meet us at East Med Marine and Offshore Exhibition 2023
April 20th & 21st at the Grand Resort Limassol Cyprus

Our team will be at your disposal to discuss issues regarding crew health, well-being, and training.

OneCareSolutions addresses the full spectrum of seafarers’ health and well-being with 24/7 direct access to medical expertise and mental health support. Access to holistic wellness programs, assistance from public and physical health specialists, as well as support with medical supplies and tailored mental health and healthy lifestyle-related training.

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