Quality Policy

The “OneCare Solutions” Quality Policy:

  • OneCare Solutions management works to understand, meet and exceed the specific needs and expectations of its clients, stakeholders and other interested parties within its portfolio of suppliers.
  • OneCare Solutions strives to be in constant and effective contact with its suppliers so to provide timely and efficient service to its clients and partners.
  • OneCare Solutions strives and is committed to provide quality services to its customers, meeting or exceeding their needs and keeping in line with international, local and other applicable requirements.
  • OneCare Solutions ensures continuous improvement of health and wellness programs and its services provided through active customer feedback and always in compliance with applicable rules and legislations.
  • OneCare Solutions is committed to establishing quality objectives and continuously reviewing them to comply and to continuously improve the effectiveness of its QMS.
  • OneCare Solutions conducts itselfin the most professional manner possible adhering to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard and all applicable legal requirements.  

Marinos Kokkinis

Managing Director

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