Service Category: Maritime Services

Corporate Wellness

Employees can access proactive and reactive health and wellbeing support through tailored health and wellbeing modules and a 24/7 Employee Assistance Programme.

Stella Maris

Stella Maris is the largest ship-visiting network in the world and the official maritime charity of the Catholic Church.

Non-Scale Medical Supplies Ad. Hoc

OCS Solutions supports requests for any medical items that are not required by flags but are needed because of special trading routes or current outbreaks.

Medical Inventory Management for – Medical Gases

OCS Solutions ensure compliance with each vessel's flag State requirements and other regulations that might apply.

Medical Inventory Management for – Medical Chest

A complete medical supplies solution, ensuring our clients’ vessels always sail in compliance.

Drug & Alcohol Testing Programme

We can design Unannounced Drug and Alcohol testing Programmes for your crews on board.

Public Health & Hygiene Support

Our public health specialists provide advice and guidelines on outbreak prevention and response plans pertaining to, but not limited to epidemics, gastroenteritis, influenza-like-illness, norovirus, and COVID-19.

Nutrition Consulting

Our personalized nutrition counseling services are crafted to meet seafarers’ specific needs and health goals, including chronic disease management, eating disorders, and weight management.

Mental Health Support Solutions

Offering 24/7 counselling and support through free phone and confidential access to professional psychologists. A proactive roll-out programme, with regular trend reporting and preventative measures published.

Medical Advisory Management

Aiming to improve seafarers’ health and wellbeing through direct 24/7 access to medical expertise, while ensuring financial and operational efficiencies for ship owners.
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